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One of the great things in Bohan is the nature.

Bohan is located around a meander of the Semois.

Do you want a short flat hike: check!

Do you want a long hike over the hills: check!

Do you want to walk through rivers: check!

Or not? Check!

Do you want to see wildlife: check!

A walk with deciduous trees? Check!

A walk with coniferous trees? Check!

Beaver dams? Check! 

Herons, swans, geese, beavers, nutrias, dragonflies, wagtails, buzzards... a big chance you will encounter them!

On foot - or by kayak.

Enjoy some pictures here, and on !

All kinds of activities

Eat and Drink

It's a small town, but such a variety of high quality food and beverages in restaurants, pubs, bakkery, supermarket and other stores!

All typical Belgian


A few kilometers further, you can find Vresse-Sur-Semois. In the tourism center there you can find maps and agenda's of the sparkling communities around.

Upaya Vihara

A Place to meditate

or to seek rest.

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